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Pirate's Night Show


IPTV is a simple python program that let you crawl the search engines in order to fetch those sites that stream illegal tv programs.This script leverage the fact the a lot of those sites use the same CMS to create the web application and sharing the service, behind a CMS there's always some exploits. We are using one simple exploit to grab and crawl the site's url and use for our purpose, we have discovered a lot of those exploits.



Social engineering tool for human hacking

Another way to use Twitter and instagram. Geotweet is an osint application that allows you to track tweets and instagram and trace geographical locations and then export to google maps. Allows you to search on tags, world zones and user (info and timeline)



A revolution in the Penetration Testing scene... for kali Linux
An example of a GUI for bash scripts
includes anon surf, the first draft of proxy for distro pentest